Outward Hound Hide n’ Slide Dog Puzzle Toy Review

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Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Hide n’ Slide Dog Puzzle Toy

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The Outward Hound Interactive Dog Hide n’ Slide Puzzle Game Review was tested on both of my dogs, Ubu and Sadie. Both are very different dogs.

Sadie is young and spunky and Ubu is old and laid back. Two very different breeds, ages, and personalities. So it was very interesting to see how each reacted to this dog treat puzzle toy.

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Note: This will only work if your dog is food motivated.

Difficulty Level for Dog⭐⭐
Ease of Cleaning⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hide n’ Slide (Skill Level 2)

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
✔️ Does not move around on flat smooth surfaces ❌ No way to know if it is going to be too easy for your dog until you’ve bought it.
✔️ Has no removable parts
✔️ Easy to clean
✔️ Easily holds kibble, treats, or a small piece of sausage
✔️ Has 14 moveable pieces


Nina Ottosson is the creator of the Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Series. She lists her interactive toys by skill level – going from Skill level 1 (easiest) to 4 (more difficult). The Outward Hound Hide n’ Slide is a level 2.

We were very impressed with the craftmanship. It was much heavier than anticipated and did not slide around on the floor at all. It is made of a durable plastic and wood composite, so it’s very sturdy and 100% safe for your dog.

Neither of our dogs had ever used puzzle toys like this before so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Ubu is our senior dog and we were quite surprised at how quickly he took to it. Typically if anything takes too much energy he just walks away. Within a couple of minutes (and with a little help from me), he had a good grasp on how it works and he went to town on it!

Sadie is our young dog and she just went after it immediately and relentlessly.

This interactive treat puzzle game has knobs that slide and swivel flaps so there are 2 different treat compartments for each section.

Watch our review video here to see how they liked this.


Below are some positive and negative comments that I’ve seen customers list on various websites:

Positive CommentsNegative Comments
✔️ Makes my dog very tired❌ Was too easy for my dog
✔️ Keeps my dog from devouring his food❌ Too easy even for a puppy
✔️ Stands up to my dog’s constant pawing at it❌ Knobs and flaps move too easily
✔️ Use it for my rabbit who loves it (this was a funny one)

My Final Thoughts

The Outward Hound Hide n’ Slide dog puzzle toy is a quality-made toy that dogs love.

It would appear that most of the negative comments were due to it being too easy for their dogs.

Keep in mind that not all dogs are at the same level. While one dog may have it finished in 2 minutes – it may take another dog an hour to get through it. This is the reason that Nina Ottosson created different skill levels so that you can find the appropriate level for your dog.

Is this dishwasher safe?

It is not. Use warm soapy water and clean it by hand.

What size treats can you use?

Any tasty treats or kibble that is quarter-sized or smaller.

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