10 Best Dog Breeds For First Time Dog Owners

If you are considering getting your first dog, then this list of the best dog breeds for first-time dog owners will be a helpful resource when deciding the best dog …

image of a crying light brown puppy

Abnormal Puppy Behavior Signs You May Not Notice

Abnormal puppy behavior can include behaviors such as displaying no interest in exploring a new environment, showing excessive fear, excessive barking, constant yawning, hiding when frightened and showing no signs of recovery, urinating indoors once housebroken, loss of appetite, and hysterical behavior when left alone. In addition, excessive fear can turn into aggression which can manifest into growling, snapping, lip curling, lunging or biting.

image of german shepard and young orange cat lying on the floor together

German Shepherds And Cats – What You Need To Know.

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature. They are also known for being excellent family dogs. However, there are times when these dogs can become aggressive towards other animals, including cats.

image of a yellow labrador retriever's head looking forward

9 Best Off-Leash Hiking Dogs For Hikers

Traits to look for in a good off-leash hiking dog are dogs with a pack mentality, has good training with a good recall and is high-energy to keep up with you on long hikes.

How to Prepare Your Dog For A New Baby

When done correctly, your dog and new baby can grow up together and be best friends BUT you must think ahead and have a plan in place. Training is key as well as allowing your dog time to adjust before the baby arrives.

Does Your Dog Chase Cats? (Here’s How To Help)

When your dog goes after a cat, it’s following a very deeply ingrained instinct. For some breeds, this instinct is harder to break than in others. Herding and hound breeds are especially tricky since their “job” is to seek out and engage with prey items or livestock.

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day In 2014, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals designated April 8th as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, as a part of …