About Us

Welcome Dog Lovers!

I’m Vicki from Doggo Talko and we help dog owners form a healthy and happy relationship with their dogs by providing information so that dog owners can make informed decisions about issues related to their dogs. 

We cover a wide range of topics for you, our readers, to help inform,  educate and inspire. 

We are a community-based group that looks for input from our readers to grow and learn from.

We welcome any and all questions, suggestions, and ideas pertaining to dogs.

All three of our dogs (Ubu, Sadie, and Angel) are rescue dogs. Rescues are our preferred source when we adopt pets. We do not have anything against responsible breeders but we prefer to save dogs that are sitting in cages and need a 2nd chance at life.

Let’s face it, being a dog parent is the absolute best!

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Image of the author with her two dogs, Sadie and Ubu.
Sadie & Ubu
white chihuahua lying on a blanket